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Microtec Injector Needle

Microtec Injector Needle

Elevate your practice with Microtec's precision-designed mesotherapy injector. Offering the ultimate intradermal injection experience for your patients, this injector is perfect for mesotherapy treatments. Available in Boxes of 10.

Product Details
  • 4 pin needle for intradermal and mesotherapy injections
  • Size: 34G x 1mm
  • Colour: Pink
  • Luer Lock
  • Sterile for Single-use
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  • Precision & Consistency

    The Microtec Injector boasts an unparalleled accuracy with its 1mm injections, ensuring standardised and consistent procedures every time. This precision is further enhanced by its unique design of four 34 gauge x 1mm long microneedles, making it three times smaller than conventional injection needles.

  • Optimal Targeting

    The Microtec Injector is expertly designed to cater to sensitive regions like around the eyes, the lower face, neck, and décolletage. Its unique design ensures maximum efficacy when delivering PRP and skin boosters, achieving optimal results in these targeted areas.

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort

    The Microtec Injector is a game changer in patient comfort. Its advanced needle design minimises the risk of bruising, making the procedure near painless. This is especially beneficial for sensitive areas, where traditional injections can be painful and lead to bruising.

Let's get into the nitty gritty details

Product Overview

Elevate your practice with Microtec's precision-designed injector, offering the ultimate intradermal injection experience for your discerning patients.

Coming in Boxes of 10 these are 4 pin sterile needles for intradermal injections. 34G x 1mm in the colour pink they are suitable for single use and with luer locks

Here's a quick guide to ensure optimal results:

Preparation: Ready your syringe with the booster. Whether you prefer a 3ml syringe or a 1ml, the choice is yours.

Safety First: Always ensure the injection site is thoroughly disinfected.

Optimal Conditions: Dry the skin to enhance precision.

Technique Matters: Stretch the skin and angle the injector at 45 degrees. As you proceed, you'll feel the needle catch and almost lift the skin, indicating perfect placement.

Targeting Excellence: While cannulas aim for the subcutaneous layer, Microtec is specifically designed to target the intradermal layer, ensuring unparalleled precision and results.

Trust in Imatec's innovation and offer your patients the best in cosmetic injection technology. Dive into the future of intradermal injections with Microtec.

Product Benefits

The Microtec Injector by Imatec Medical is revolutionising aesthetic treatments. Designed with precision and patient comfort in mind, it offers a one-stop solution for treating delicate areas that were previously challenging. Its unique needle design ensures near painless injections with minimal bruising, making the procedure less invasive and more comfortable for patients. Furthermore, the standardised injection depth guarantees consistent papules and optimal safety. Whether targeting crow’s feet wrinkles, the neck, or other sensitive areas, practitioners can now ensure a quick, easy, and effective procedure, giving patients the confidence to opt for treatments without the fear of pain or bruising.