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Flowtec Cannulas

Flowtec Cannulas

The Most Precise Dermal Filling Cannulas on the Market. Each box contains 20 Flowtec Cannulas and 20 stylets.

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  • Ultimate Accuracy

    Designed so you can feel and see depth with confidence. The hole at the near distal tip and the red dot on the hub ensure you're always on target.

  • Perfect Flexibility

    We used the 'Goldilocks formula' for flexibility—it's not too hard or too soft, striking the perfect balance for precise injections.

  • Smooth Experience

    Our proprietary glide technology ensures a seamless injection process that minimises bruising and maximizes comfort.

Let's get into the nitty gritty details

Product Overview

In the world of aesthetic medicine, precision and comfort are essential. That's why Flowtec Cannulas are crafted to meet the specific needs of professionals like you. These dermal filling cannulas are engineered so you can feel and see depth with confidence. The markings serve as a visual reference, and the hole at the tip allows you to feel the exact location of the filler, making it the best-feeling cannula on the market.

Product Benefits

Safety First: The luer lock hub eliminates the risk of pop-offs, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Ease of Use: Each box includes 20 stylets, making it easier than ever to get started with your Imatec Cannula.

Enhanced Comfort: Experience reduced bruising and greater comfort for your clients, thanks to our proprietary glide technology.