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Finetec Intradermal Needle

Finetec Intradermal Needle

Elevate your medical practice with the Finetec Intradermal Needle by Imatec Medical. Boxes of 100

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  • Precision and Comfort

    Available in 30G and 32G with lengths of 2.5mm and 4mm, Imatec Medical's intradermal needles are designed to meet the specific demands of skin booster procedures. The ultra-thin walls and finely crafted tips provide a gentle touch, minimising tissue damage and bruising.

  • Optimised for Patient Satisfaction

    The exceptional design of our needles features a three-blade structure for swift punctures, reducing patient discomfort and enhancing overall satisfaction. The fine diameter allows for precise applications, making them ideal for sensitive areas.

  • High-Quality Construction

    Crafted from premium austenitic stainless steel, Imatec Medical's needles boast a large inner diameter and high flow rate, ensuring efficient and effective treatments. The durability and reliability of our needles support a wide range of medical applications, compatible with all major syringe brands.

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Product Overview

Enhance Your Practice with Premium Intradermal Needles from Imatec Medical

For professionals focused on delivering superior care, Imatec Medical's selection of intradermal needles offers unmatched precision and comfort. These needles are meticulously crafted for the delicate application of skin boosters, ensuring a seamless and near-painless experience for your patients.

Product Benefits

Minimal Bruising: The precision-engineered tips provide quick, clean punctures, leading to minimal bruising and less tissue damage.

Enhanced Comfort: The extremely small diameter of our needles ensures that injections are as pain-free as possible, contributing to a positive patient experience with less bleeding.

Versatile Use: Suitable for various delicate procedures, these needles are designed to deliver optimal performance in every application, especially for intradermal skin boosters.